It’s not about ideas.It’s about making ideas happen.”
Scott Belsky

Marin Barleti University is re-defining the concept of the workplaces for millennials.

Barleti Coworking space will offer to its occupiers a range of facilities and services to suit their needs, keep them inspired and motivated and help each other and move forward!

Barleti coworking space offers creative working environments with entrepreneurial spirit!

This space is built on the idea that success breeds more success. We want to redefine the way work is done. That’s why we’ve cultivated a community of young entrepreneurs, academics, business partners, etc, who will help in accelerating young businesses.

The members of Barleti Coworking space, among others, will benefit: coworking membership, dedicated desk, office space, networking, events and activities, business consulting, etc.

Barleti coworking space will offer more than simply a place to plug in your laptop!

What makes BarletiCoworking space unique is the community that we are creating. Start up competitions will give international market access to startups, events and activities, network with national and international businesses, academia, network activities, etc, will keep the young entrepreneurs engaged and open to new possibilities, throughout the year.

Networking deals with connecting with people!

For young entrepreneurs at Barleti Coworking space we believe that networking is one of the essential parts to gain skills and knowledge, as well as and let others know about your company brand, services or products.

The occupiers of coworking spaces will benefit from all networking activities throughout the years, which will help them learn from other’s mistakes.

No matter if you need a few square metres or a few hundred square metres, Barleti Coworking space can provide a perfectly sized environment for startups.

At Barleti we know how quickly business can change, therefore we offer flexible and tailored services to young entrepreneurs’sspecific needs.

In order to keep the occupiers of Barleti Coworking space comfortable, creative and focused, our team members will ensure they have everything they need. From audiovisual equipment, whiteboards, WiFi, drinks and food, etc. At the same time, we know that sometimes getting people our of their everyday environment is just what they need to be creative.

Barleti Coworking space works closely with Startup Academy to provide the young entrepreneurs with training and workshop sessions, b2b meetings, conferences and forums, etc.

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